Jamun’s history is not very long – but it is a bit complicated. It can generally be divided into two parts.

In 2014 Al Kozioło’s musicians, having parted with the lead singer, decided to continue together, under a different name. Adam Zielińśki (bass guitar), Marek Fox (guitar), Marcin Galewicz (drums), Krzysztof Luma (guitar) and a new singer Max Bolejko named their new band JAMUN.

The band continued working on new songs, playing several gigs, mainly in Warsaw clubs. This period also coincided with constant line-up changes.

The true history of Jamun stared in September 2016. After some farewells and comebacks Jamun’s line-up stabilised: Adam Zieliński, Marek Fox, Marcin Galewicz and a new guitarist Stanisław Orzeł. An experienced singer – Jarek Szczudłowski – with a career spanning over 30 years, in excess of 1000 concerts and several albums, joined the band.

Within 2 months the band was back in a recording studio – 3 tracks were recorded, for their EP.

Jamun became an international band in April 2017. A Mexican drummer Carlos ‘Pancho’ Campos, with hundreds of concerts to his credit, became the official Jamun drummer. Pancho left his native Mexico and a long music career, in order to continue in Poland.

2017 brought another change – Staszek Orzeł left the band in September 2017. He was briefly replaced by Tomasz Czubak, who parted with the band in January 2018.

Jay Allen – an experienced singer – joined Jamun in August 2018. Jay has san hundreds of concerts in Asia and Europe.

It’s difficult to categorise JAMUN’s music. Traces of modern rock are intertwined with classic rock, psychodelia, grunge and progressive rock. The musicians pay a lot of attention to their sound and song arrangements. They don’t shy away from various intriguing sound effects.

The lyrics are particularly important for the band and they cover a story of a man battling with modern-day challenges: loneliness, passing of time, hatred, helplessness and the constant pursuit of money.


Jay Allen – vocal.

Born in Philippines. He is a professional musician: singer and a guitarist. He’s been performing for may years – singing and playing concerts in Philippines and Thailand. He’s lived in Poland for almost two years.

Marek “Fox” Lis – guitar player, composer.

Active on the Polish music scene for more than 20 years, he started off in hard-rock groups with strong technical penchants: Armagedon, Potestas, Brain Storm, Thor and Al Kozioło. Professional sound engineer.
Co-founder of JAMUN.

Adam Zieliński – bass player, producer.

Having spent most of his life abroad, he remained an active member of the music community, playing in rock bands, e.g. The Clowns from the UK. Founder of War Within – a Greek heavy metal band, with whom he recorded in Athens. Bass player for Al Kozioło.
Co-founder and producer of JAMUN.

Carlos “Pancho” Campos – drummer.

Professional musician, alumnus of Universidad de la Musica G. Martell in Mexico City, he started playing clubs in Veracruz in the early 2000s. He played with Altavoz, Riddel Band and Koctail simultaneously working as a session drummer. Founder of Sweet Emotion. He continues his music career in Poland as a session player and drummer for JAMUN.

Michał Kapko – guitar player, percussionist.

The newest member of JAMUN. Enthusiast of string instruments (banjo, mandolin, cavaquinho) and drums. Member of Bloco Central – a Polish drum ensemble. Former guitar player for the heavy metal Wicked Side, he also cooperated with multiple drum groups (e.g. Sambasim, Ritmo Bloco, Bateria de Verde e Branco) and cultural institutions.